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What is ATUNN?

ATUNN ("All That You Need Now") is a free, web-based, collaborative multilanguage Operating System that provides you all the best free online applications, search engines and websites. With online applications and services (also known as web applications or webware), you do not need to download and install anything. All the services will be directly available for you in one click. These applications and services are cross-platform, running via your browser as a client irrespective of what operating system you are using. You just need to access them online.

How to use ATUNN?

The menu on your left contains all the categories in which the services are subdivided. Clicking on a category you will access the best services available on the web, listed according to users preferences.Click on the star symbol to remember your favourite web applications.

Why is it reccomended to have an user account?

It's free and it will allow you to save your preferences directly online, obviously protected by username and password. It means that you will be able to access them from everywhere! Without an account, instead, all your preferences will be stored in temporary files on the computer in use (cookies). But you will loose them clearing the cache of your computer. Click here to register now! It will take only one minute!

Can I contribute with my knownledge to this ATUNN?

Yes, of course! ATUNN is a collaborative platform. Anonymously or with a user account, you can add useful services in each category. The new service will appear in the list (with the tag 'NOT TESTED BY THE EDITORIAL STAFF') and it will be instantly available to other users. You can also edit all the informations about other services inserted by other users or ATUNN staff. Edits are subject to review from an established ATUNN editor staff before publication.

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