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Category: Online games

The Fancy Pants Adventure is an online platform adventure game. You play a hip and well-animated character who, as one might have guessed, wears a very fancy pair of pants.The game takes a few pages from the book of Sonic the Hedgehog, namely speed and out of reach secrets. The main character dashes through open levels littered with the occasional obstacle or enemies. There are springboards to send you skyward, half-pipes to run around, and hills that propel you in many directions. The game has a fairly fast pace but is not averse to slowing down and letting you explore. In fact, there are several hidden areas you can find if you take the time to look. As you explore the sleek worlds in this game, you'll come across a few items, namely floating swirls and trophies. Swirls refill your health and give you an extra life (measured in Pants, of course) every 100. Registration not required.

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